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What is Estate Planning?


Estate planning is the process of creating an orderly plan for the disposition of assets at death or incapacity.

When creating an estate plan, consideration is given to:

①   Limiting tax liabilities
②   Determining who receives the assets, when and how
③   Facilitating timely payment of estate obligations and taxes
④   Limiting costs of administration

Estate planning is a process not just for the wealthy, but for anyone owning property.

Unless you pre-establish the distribution and control of your assets at death or incapacity, state laws will intervene via an expensive and lengthly probate process, where the results may not match your intent.

Establishing an estate plan -- e.g. a living trust -- can help provide certainty that your assets are available for the benefit your intended heirs without getting tied-up in a lengthly and expensive probate process.

Are your assets protected in a trust?

Trust & Will Commercial, Feb. 2021

All of our qualified clients should have a trust to protect their assets from the costs and risks associated with probate. You probably need a trust now, too.

We encourage you to explore the Trust & Will (T&W) estate planning quiz. It is triple-risk-free. It costs nothing to ① start, explore/learn and ② view the results: no credit card needed. If you move forward they even have a money back guarantee.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with T&W and we receive no compensation for the commercial appearance nor for referring clients there.

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Tax Planning for Individuals and Families

Jason gives an overview of the tax considerations professionals should consider and what can be done to help.

MIT Sloan School of Management, Dec. 2018

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